Song API Methods

Api calls for getting data about songs.

Buckets: Some song methods such as search and profile accept a bucket parameter. This parameter allows you to specify what additional data should be returned with each song. Multiple buckets can be specified simultaneously allowing you to request multiple sets of data in a single call. Possible song buckets are:

Bucket Description
audio_summary returns summary audio parameters for the song
artist_discovery returns the discovery score for the song's artist. This is a measure of how unexpectedly popular the artist is.
artist_discovery_rank returns the discovery rank for the song's artist
artist_familiarity returns the familiarity for the song's artist
artist_familiarity_rank returns the familiarity rank for the song's artist
artist_hotttnesss returns the hotttnesss for the song's artist
artist_hotttnesss_rank returns the hotttnesss rank for the song's artist
artist_location returns information about the location of origin for the song's artist
song_currency returns the currency score of the song. This is a measure of how recently popular the song is.
song_currency_rank returns the currency rank of the song.
song_discovery returns the discovery score of the song. This is a measure of how unexpectedly popular the song is.
song_discovery_rank returns the discovery rank of the song.
song_hotttnesss returns the hotttnesss of the song
song_hotttnesss_rank returns the hotttnesss rank of the song
song_type returns a list of song types for the song. Possible song types returned are: 'christmas', 'live' 'studio', 'acoustic', and 'electric'
tracks returns detailed track information for the song. You must also specify a Rosetta id space such as 7digital-US.
id:rosetta-catalog returns catalog specific information about the song for the given catalog.
id:Personal-Catalog-ID returns personal catalog specific information about the song for the given catalog.


Get info about songs given a list of ids

Parameter Required? Multiple? Values Description
api_key yes no YOUR API KEY your API key
id yes yes SOCZMFK12AC468668F the song ID. An Echo Nest ID or a Rosetta ID
track_id yes yes TRTLKZV12E5AC92E11 The Echo Nest or Rosetta ID of a track. The track ID is mapped to the corresponding song ID.
format no no json, xml the format of the output
bucket no yes audio_summary, artist_discovery, artist_discovery_rank, artist_familiarity, artist_familiarity_rank, artist_hotttnesss, artist_hotttnesss_rank, artist_location, song_currency, song_currency_rank, song_hotttnesss, song_hotttnesss_rank, song_type, tracks, id:Rosetta-space indicates what data should be returned for each song. If specifying the "tracks" bucket, a bucket with an id space must also be specified.
limit no no true, false if 'true', limit the results to any of the given idspaces or catalogs

Example query:

Here is an example response:

  "response": {
    "status": {
      "code": 0,
      "message": "Success",
      "version": "4.2"
    "songs": [
        "artist_id": "ARCQMJH1187B9B53CC",
        "id": "SOCZMFK12AC468668F",
        "artist_name": "DJ Screw",
        "title": "Stay Fly"